Entrepreneur Magazine has consistently ranked the recruiting industry within their Top 10 Business Opportunities. With such a high ranking, a significant income opportunity should be expected. Discover your potential income below!

How much could you make?

The average recruitment fee currently earned by our recruiters is $30,600.00 per job placement. This income calculator allows you to estimate an expected income based on the number of job placements you expect to complete in a year.

Number of Placements Per Year:

Average Fee Earned Per Placement: $30,600

Average Monthly Gross Income:

Total Yearly Gross Income:

How many placements per year would it take to reach your desired income goals?

Enter your annual salary and / or desired income and click submit. This calculator will then estimate how many client assignments you will need to complete per year in order to produce your desired income based on the average recruitment fee earned by our recruiters.

Enter Your Desired Income:

Average Fee Earned Per Placement: $30,600

Total # of Placements Required to reach goal:

How much recruiting fees per client assignment can you earn?

The fees you earn per clients assignment are in most cases variable and based on percentage of the base salary the job position pays. Most recruitment fees will be earned at a rate of 20% to 30% of the annual base salary of the position.  This calculator estimates the fee you will earn per client assignment based at the lower 20% recruitment fee level.

Average Estimate Basic Salary

Average Placement Commission: 20%

Recruiting Fee Earned Per Client Assignment: