• As a member of the HireFlux team, you have access to an all-inclusive toolbox of recruitment solutions that, when combined with our professional training, provides a successful start to running and or contributing to an executive search and management recruitment business.

  • Our systematic training provides you with all the knowledge you need to launch your business immediately. The extensive training covers everything you need to know to get started quickly. Most new branches get their first accounts within 1-2 weeks of completing training. You will be taught by seasoned professionals with a strong history of success and you will complete training with a straightforward success plan.

  • Our training is real-world. not hypothetical. We place emphasis on teaching specific, proven, and time tested techniques and business development methods. These are the same techniques and methods we are using everyday with our own clients and recruiters.

  • We teach you everything you need to start building your own successful executive search and management recruiting portfolio the day you complete training.


  • Businesses maximize their value by creating reproducible and efficient operations that drive recurring revenue. HireFlux H2R enables your executive search and management recruitment business to run like a well-oiled machine. We give you the tools you need to build value and equity in your business.

    The HireFlux H2R is customized solution developed by recruiters for recruiters based on our in-depth knowledge of the industry. HireFlux H2R empowers you with functionality that fuses customer relationship management (CRM) with applicant tracking systems (ATS).

  • HireFlux H2R incorporates the most powerful document parsing engine on the market, meaning less time entering data and more time focused on growing your business. In addition, HireFlux H2R provides tools for Web 2.0 Sourcing, Job Broadcasting, Mobile Access, and more.

  • Adapting, changing, and growing are things every recruiting business faces and having software that recognizes this is paramount. HireFlux H2R enables users to configure a system that fits their needs best, adapt for differing recruitment niches and industry verticals, and add staff, services and features as your portfolio grows.