It’s the most wonderful time of the year! December is arguably the jolliest month of the year but with the mix of holiday shopping and parties it can also get stressful. Don’t get too stressed because we have a gift that we wrapped just for you. Hurry up and open it so you can use it sooner than later!

Keep Calm and Get Your Holiday On

The holiday season can be stressful with visitors, budget-friendly gifts, and year-end goals. On top of that, the holiday season comes with holiday parties. For some, said parties are welcomed with free food, beverages, and fun activities, for others, holiday parties can be an excruciating experience. Those that dislike holiday parties face two options: go and be miserable, don’t go and face potential backlash. We don’t like these two options, so we collected a few tips and tricks for you to conquer your office party with confidence.

Training Your Mind to See the Good

If you go in with a bad attitude, you’ll have a bad attitude. It’s plain and simple. When you walk through the doors of that party you have to have a positive outlook on the night otherwise you’re just going to be miserable. It’s psychologically proven that if you believe something before you even go into it, that thought is more likely to happen. This term is called the self-fulfilling prophecy. Moral of the story, stay positive!

Pool It

If you’re anxious about showing up to the party by yourself, that is normal. A simple fix; carpool with a coworker! When you arrive with someone else, it eases your nerves because you are not going in completely alone. Mention the idea to a few coworkers in the days leading up to the party just to test out the atmosphere. If they bite, you have nothing to lose!

Smile is All You Need

Put on a happy face! When you are happy and radiating positive energy others are more likely to approach. If you’re not thrilled to be there, that’ll show through your demeanor. Think about it, when you see someone that looks miserable, do you really want to go up and talk to them? No. So put on your happy face and your night will go as smoothly as you make it.

Every Good Conversation Starts with a Good Listener

Be a good listener! An easy way to get people talking is to ask open-ended questions rather than ones that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”. Therefore, if you’re dreading how you’re going to make conversation with others, here it is. People like to be listened to and feel like they are heard.

Every Exit is an Entry to Somewhere Else

If you really are having a miserable time and just want to go home, be sure to have an exit strategy. Plan it beforehand. If you’re still not having a good time after 90 minutes of being there, you can leave. It’s important to set a reasonable goal of when you want to leave by when you’re not having a good time because if you judge the atmosphere too quickly, you may miss out. However, if you give it too long you could be wasting your time. It’s important to set a happy medium!

The Best Way to Spread Cheer Is

When you are new to an office, you may feel anxious and hope that others will welcome you with open arms. Fast forward and you are no longer the new one in the office, someone else is. It is safe to assume that they feel the same way that you did when you first started. Therefore, it’s important to reach out to them so that they feel a part of the team, even if it is before they start! Check out how you can take that extra step to let your new coworker know that they are already a part of your team.


Connect with them on LinkedIn! You are about to be working closely together, so why wouldn’t you let them into your professional network? Think about it, it will be more awkward if you wait to connect after months of working together rather than just getting it done with right off the bat. It will give them a familiar face to look for in their first week so not everyone is a complete stranger.

You Got Mail!

Send over a quick email! By sending them an email before they start, it shows how happy you are for them to be joining your team. By showing your excitement, they will be less timid on their first day and they will have more of a smooth transition. They will already feel welcomed and that everyone is just as excited for them to be there as they are.

Send It

Send over any relevant documents before they start just so they have an idea of what they are getting themselves into. This gives them a chance to look it over before they actually start and they can get a feel for what they will be doing. Nothing is worse than going into a company blindsided and not having a clear idea of what you will be doing there. By sending over documents it gives them the opportunity to see what they will be up to first hand.

Ask What’s for Lunch

Schedule a group lunch or a group outing to get drinks! Nothing is better for a new employee than getting everyone together. This allows them a chance to mingle and get to know their coworkers that they’ll be working with for the time being. It’s a great idea for an outing because it is casual and you don’t have the stress of being at work.