It’s getting spooky! Happy October to all you ghosts, witches and werewolves. Since this month is known for being more chilling than the others, we are covering topics that could potentially scare you the most. So, take a trip through our haunted house to see what we have in store for you. Watch your step! You don’t know what’s coming at you this month so it’s best that you’re keeping your eyes peeled. Read more, if you dare.

Youre on a New Level

When you’re in a position for an extended period of time, you may feel like the King or Queen of the world, especially if you’re given the same tasks on a regular basis. You may think this is the life, however it is always beneficial to challenge yourself. This causes you to grow as a person. This is why we are giving you these easy indicators to see if you’re ready to move up at work. Push yourself and see what you really are capable of.

Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions

It may seem basic, but getting more positive feedback on your work is a sign that you are ready to move up at work. If you are getting positive feedback on your work and less constructive criticism, it may be a sign that you are getting too good at your job. Don’t let this take away from your hard work, or cause you to become arrogant. Look at ways to improve, restructure, and challenge yourself.

Working Harder Than You Did Yesterday

In addition to getting more positive feedback, you are also completing your work at a faster pace.  After a bit of time, you become a pro at your tasks. When this happens, you are able to finish your work in the most effective and efficient way possible. You’re able to determine short cuts and even steps that you can cut out as a whole when completing projects. With all that extra time on your hands, you will be able to start asking for more projects which will help you grow your skill set and appearance in the workplace.

Confidence is Silent

When you become familiar and comfortable with completing a task, your confidence level is bound to spike. Your confidence can be evident in the workplace or even overall if your work impacts that much of your life. Now, we’re not saying that being confident is bad, because it’s not. It just means that you may want to start challenging yourself more if your tasks are becoming ‘too easy’. Look for ways that you can challenge yourself, can you complete the task a day or two earlier? Can you add something to the project that will push both you and the company to a greater success? These challenges will add up overtime and push you to be a better version of yourself.

Conquering the Mountain You Thought Was Impossible

Have you ever looked at what you’re currently working on and think, how did I get here? When you’re working on a project you never thought you’d be capable of a year ago it is rewarding. It shows that you have grown and that you’ve actually picked up on new information and skills. In order to keep challenging yourself like this, try finding more projects that give you this initial fear.

Choose to Be Better, Instead of Bitter

There are always ways you can improve. You may not want to but the option is always there. When you better yourself, it can help boost your confidence in a professional, or even personal manner. Practice may not make perfect, but it can get you closer and closer each time. We put together four super easy ways you can improve in the office. You may think you’ve mastered everything by now but check it out!

You May Delay, But Time Wont

Time management is one of the most important skills to acquire in your life. Not having good time management skills could cause you to miss deadlines and get in trouble with others in your office. Although you may think you have time management skills, there are always ways to improve on it. Sometimes you may find yourself spending more time on projects or activities than you’d like. You can improve this by blocking off times and creating a schedule for when you’re supposed to be completing a certain task. Give it a time frame so you’re able to stick with it. Another tip would be to take short breaks throughout the day to ensure that you’re not in a trans and you’re staying focused and on top of your work.

Organization is the Foundation to Get Everything Else in Gear

You may keep your desk and office space relatively neat and organized. However, when you start getting overwhelmed with work you may start seeing your space turning towards the worst. You can start forgetting to do things because you forgot to write them down or even just forgetting in general. A way to fix this is to start using tools that help you keep on top of your activities. Tools like Evernote, Google Notes, and Trello can help you organize activities. You can also work to create folders on your computer and in your desk in order to keep memos and important documents organized.

Its Not About Who You Know, Its Who Knows You

In today’s day and age, networking is key. Without it, you may not be getting the best opportunities that you could be. You may do things like go out for coffee or Happy Hour with your coworkers but these activities aren’t maximizing your professional connections. You can improve this by creating an image for yourself on LinkedIn. If someone views your profile, respond to them. You don’t know where it may lead just from a response that is so simple to configure.

You Cant Build a Long Term Future on Short Term Thinking

You may have an idea of where you’re going in the future, but you don’t know how you’re going to get there exactly. A way that you can improve this is by defining the little things you want to do on the way and what you consider to be successful. Having an outline for what you want to do creates a road map. When have you ever gone to a new location without a map or any sense of direction of how you’re getting there? Exactly, you can’t. Well, you could but it would be a lot harder than if you had an initial sense of direction. Moral of the story, start mapping out your plan before you get lost along the way!