Do you remember the 21st night of September? Yes, you read it right. As we dance into the fall months of the year, we’re focusing on you! This month we’re covering how self-doubt can actually be beneficial to your career and how you can expand your role without overstepping your boundaries.  Start reading now before you take the wrong step or miss a count!

Self-Doubt Doesn’t Define You but it Can Help

Almost everyone begins to doubt aspects of their life or job at some point in their life. Doubt can be powerful and overwhelming, but sometimes the clouds roll in for good reasons.  Believe it or not, a little bit of self-doubt in your career can take you a long way. Check out why we think just a sprinkle of self-doubt is actually good for your career!

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

When your confidence is lacking and you may start to doubt yourself, you naturally want to better yourself. When you start feeling uneasy about yourself, learning new information can give you the confidence boost you need. Without learning new things, you’ll slowly see yourself becoming dull and boring, which can affect your confidence. Having the right amount of confidence is key to being successful. Therefore, the easiest way to gain it back is to start to better yourself.

Be Humble, Sit Down

If you doubt yourself and your abilities, then you’re going to be less likely to throw yourself out there and show off. You’re more aware of what you’re doing and you know that you are going to make mistakes. Ultimately, having self-doubt keeps you humble. No one wants to hire someone that is full of themselves and think that they’re the best person on the planet. It’s not enjoyable for you or your coworkers to be in that environment so a little bit of doubt can go a long way, you’d be surprised!

Wave the Red Flag

When you’re not sure about your skill set, the doubt can help you take action and fix it. Self-doubt can help you realize that you’re not satisfied in your current position and that you want to move up to something better. It is possible that you’re working in something that you’re not qualified to do or you’re in the wrong role or even wrong company. Therefore, self-doubt can help you detect some of the red flags in your life, and they could even be waving right in front of your face.

Being Honest Never Hurts Anyone

Self-doubt can even make you more honest. It can trigger a conversation with your boss about your career and where you’re going. It can bring out a topic you never considered to talk about because you just want honest input and guidance. A discussion could assist you in overcoming your fear and be the boost you need to move forward and get better.

Offering a Larger Selection of What We Already Carry

Once you have mastered your position to the best of your ability, you may begin to grow bored. When this happens, you may want to start expanding your role. However, you have to be cautious about how you go about this expansion. When you start doing more, it could come across as overstepping your boundaries. Luckily for you, we have two valuable tips to help expand your role without overstepping your boundaries so check them out before you (potentially) take a wrong turn!

If it Doesn’t Add Value, It’s Waste

You were hired for a reason. Odds are, it’s because your employer sees value in you and what you’re bringing to the company. Think about it, have you ever had an employer that hired someone with little to no value? No, right? Therefore, it’s important to make it known how you’ll add value if you want to expand your role. Give your boss ideas on what you want to contribute to the company and how to help expand. By giving examples, it shows what you would do if given the opportunity. Essentially it shows that you’re serious about it.

See Everything as an Opportunity to Learn Something

You can always learn something new. It’s so simple to get involved in something that you are interested in. This could be a class or even a workshop. Consider looking into local events, online webinars, or e-learning solutions. Attending workshops and training initiatives can help you grow certain networking and role specific skills. These events also allow you to bring information back to your team. Continual growth is good for you, your team, and your company. Growing as an employee and working to help the team grow shows your vested interest in the company. Simply put, learning new items helps you to expand your role and long-term your career path.