Happy June! As we navigate into the summer months and warmer weather you’re going to want to finish your work as efficiently as possible so you can enjoy the slightest bit of sun. Because of this, you may want to determine which tasks are most relevant and what actually will be beneficial in your career. Therefore, it’s only fitting that this month we’re covering the common signs that what you’re doing is a waste of time and how to ensure career growth. Check them out now so you can get outside and enjoy that summer sun sooner rather than later!

The Biggest Waste is the Waste of Time

In this day and age it feels like there is something happening at every minute. This can make you stressed that you don’t have enough time in the day to complete everything you need to get done. Now, what if we told you some of what you’re doing is a waste of time and you don’t need to be doing it at all? We found three signs that what you’re doing is a waste of time. Time is precious so check it out! We promise, reading these tips isn’t a waste or on the list.

It Only Insults Us if it Brings No Benefits

If you’re getting to the point where your work is dragging and lagging and you just don’t know where you’re going with it anymore, there is a simple way to test if it’s really worth your time. Think about what you’re doing and see if you can instantly name a benefit from that task.  If it’s actually meaningful you should be able to think of something, even if it is a simple reason. If not, it’s hard to say it, but you may be wasting your time. Being able to name a benefit from what you’re doing is just as important as actually doing the task. Benefits give you the drive and will in order to keep doing what you’re doing.

No Achievement Without Goals

If it feels like you’re putting in all your time in the office into a pointless task, you may not be so far off. Try relating your task or project to a company goal. Now, we’re not saying that every task you complete has to be this huge, applause-worthy project. Sometimes you have to complete smaller tasks in order to move on to your larger task, or you have to complete these tasks to make your larger tasks easier to complete. Therefore, the company goal can be any goal that benefits the company in a small or large way. If you can’t find even the smallest benefit to the company from your task, try reassessing it in order to see if there’s anything you could do to improve it.

Putting Your Time into the Hands of the Ungrateful

Sometimes when you’re struggling to find your purpose in a position, the slightest form of appreciation can help change your view. Therefore, if you’re not being shown that bit of appreciation it may seem as if it’s harder to go on with completing your task. If the colleague you’re working with or even for isn’t saying thank you for the work you’re completing for them it may be time to lay off. However, you may not always be given the choice to lay off when completing work for your boss. If this is the case, keep pushing! If not, start stepping back little by little. Not being shown gratitude can come across as if they are unappreciative. Now, who would actually want to work for someone unappreciative? Barely anyone, right? Why? Because it can seem like a waste of time for you since they are not acknowledging your hard work. Unfortunately, sometimes this could be the case. This is why it’s important to be on the lookout for simple triggers like this, especially if you have the ability to change it.

Growth is Evidence of Life

A common goal among people is to grow within their job or industry. Growth keeps life interesting and puts more knowledge under your belt for future experiences. A common issue with career-growth is that you know you want to, but you don’t know where to start.  Well, look no further! We put together some pretty straightforward tips to ensure maximum growth in your career.

Clarify Your Purpose

When you find your purpose and know what you’re working to accomplish, it’s that much easier to ensure growth. It’s easy to find a simple goal you’re there to help reach, but your purpose is something deeper. When you decide to focus on your purpose, you could discover your excitement of taking on something new and more challenging. It can help make every day feel like your first day.

Will is a Skill

Most of the time when you’re in a job or industry, you have to start by learning the core skills and groundwork. You can do this by taking courses or attending seminars that pertain to your industry. Although this can seem boring and pretty self-explanatory, it’s extremely important to cover it all. Learn to love the basics of your industry to ensure you know the foundation. At first this may not seem very beneficial to you, but it subconsciously helps you grow to be a pro in more situations.

Keep it Real, Keep it Moving

When beginning a new job or industry, most people want to jump to the top as soon as they can. Sure, moving up in your company is a way of growing, but it’s not the only way. Any new position offered can help you grow. For example, if your boss is creating a new role, or even needs to travel in your role, take it. The new experiences will give you more contact with the industry as well as more skills and familiarity under your belt.

If You Want to Succeed, Double Your Failure Rate

We can’t say it enough, embrace your failures! Your failures may cause you to feel down on yourself at first, but when looking at the big picture you can only go up. Your failures are mistakes that help you learn.  When coming up short, it helps show you what not to do if you want to go all the way and then some. Now we’re not saying that you should try failing every single task you’re given, but rather embrace the tasks that you don’t quite complete the proper way. Failures help ensure growth and knowledge if you take them to heart and make an effort to try reversing them.