It’s March! Are you feeling lucky yet? If your hunt for Leprechauns, four leaf clovers, horseshoes and even a pot of gold are falling short, we have some other ways to improve your luck in the office. This month we’re covering how to build a better relationship with your boss and the common mistakes people make when they’re newly promoted. So, let us take you on a journey over the rainbow this month and we’ll show you how to find that pot of gold you’ve been looking for!


Build the Relationship, Then the Business

As you get more comfortable with your work and progress in your career, you may start making observations throughout your office. Sure, you’ve nailed how to effectively and efficiently complete your tasks but have you nailed increased comradery with your coworkers, more specifically your boss? When initially pursuing some sort of professional relationship with your boss, it may be awkward. Why? Well, it may be because you don’t want to look like you’re doing it because you want something, like a raise or a promotion, in return. If you’re looking to build comradery with your boss but aren’t sure where to start, we have that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow calling your name!

Genius is Initiative on Fire

Your boss is a busy person, that’s a guarantee. Although they are busy, reach out to them on your own to see if they’re available for a meeting or even a quick check-in. This shows them that you are taking time out of your schedule to check with them and see if what you’re doing in your position is what they want. Try doing this once a month. This way you’ll be building foundation one step (or meeting) at a time!

Innovation Distinguishes Between a Leader and Follower

Every boss wants motivated and productive workers who make the most of their time in the office. It’s a common want in the professional field. If you’re productive and efficient like the rest of your office, try setting yourself apart from them by pitching new ideas. By being innovative in meetings, or even in passing, it shows your boss that you’re willing to take the initiative and grow along with the company. Once your boss sees you’re serious about your growth within the company, it is bound to spark a professional relationship between the two of you.

Communication is the Key to Personal and Career Success

It is crucial to have open communication with your boss. This way, if one of your ideas isn’t going so well or you’re crunched for time, they are aware of it. It is better that they know you’re having difficulties rather than stressing about it and letting it diminish your performance in the long run. Being able to openly communicate with your boss shows that you are comfortable enough with them to show them when something isn’t going so great.

Keep Moving Towards Your Goals

It’s important to have goals. Clearly, since we mention having them at least once in every newsletter. You may have goals for yourself and your boss may have goals for you as well. This is when your monthly meeting will come in handy. Align your own personal goals with your boss’ goals for yourself and the company. By being on the same page, it provides a greater bond between the two of you and something to constantly talk about.

You Were Born to Be Real, Not Perfect

Believe it or not, your boss is just as human as you are. Although they may have more on their plate and a greater to-do list, they still make mistakes and enjoy a casual conversation in the office. Rarely anyone wants to be all work all the time, so ease the stress in the office and don’t be afraid to just ask how they’re doing or how their weekend was. Friendliness goes a long way and it could make their day that much better.

Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken

You may feel the stress to uphold a certain image in the office. Although this is true to an extent, try being yourself as far as your professional career allows. You know how not be you better than anyone else knows how to be you so use it to your advantage! Being yourself allows individuality to flow throughout the office and it helps you stand out to your coworkers and your boss. When all else fails, be yourself.


Nobody’s Perfect

Congratulations! You’ve just been promoted! That’s a line everyone wants to hear at some point in our lives, right? We all strive to get promoted when we start in a new position. It is human nature to want to grow and become even more successful. You may work so hard for that promotion then once you get it, don’t know where to start. We may not have the answers on where to go (yet) but we definitely have the answers of where not to go when you’re newly promoted. Check out our take on common mistakes people make when they’re recently promoted!

Leaving it All Behind

Just because you’re in a new and higher position, it doesn’t mean that you can leave behind all work ethic you once had. If anything, when you’re promoted you should work even harder than you did before in order to show that you are meant for this position. If you decide to take it easy when you start your new role, you could miss important deadlines or meetings. This would show your new boss that maybe you weren’t ready for that new position after all. Once you get settled in this new position, keep in contact with your boss to see how you can keep learning and growing into even higher positions.

Unless Your Name is Google, Stop Acting Like You Know Everything

No one likes a know-it-all, especially employees to a newly promoted boss. Just because you’ve been recognized for a higher position, it doesn’t mean that you can act like the most important person in the office that knows anything and everything. Remember that time you were working in your previous, lower level position? Exactly, so does everyone else. Do everyone a favor, and remain level headed before your ego gets deflated.

Distraction is the End of Your Creative Production

When you’re newly promoted, you’re going to get more attention than you originally did. Don’t let this blow up your head or distracted because it can cause you to miss deadlines and what’s really important in this position. Yes, you may be in a culture shock with everything going on around you now, but don’t let that dictate how much attention you give to the work you were promoted to do.

Did Someone Say Shopping Spree?

With a promotion, comes an increase in salary. Now, just because your paycheck is greater than you’re used to, this isn’t an invitation to go crazy with your credit card and avoid looking at the price tags of what you’re buying. Try maintaining the spending habits you had before you got the promotion. This allows you to increase your savings and possibly even splurge on something even bigger later on!