New year, new you! Yes, we just pulled the most cliché line out of the book. It’s officially 2018 so whether you rung it in at the party of the year or at home with your pets it’s still the fresh start you’ve been waiting for. With the new year, comes new resolutions. Have you thought of yours for the year yet? If not, we have some to get you started. Read more to see what we have in store to make 2018 your best year yet!

Happiness is Made, Not Found

When you begin burning out, you may start to lose sight of why you wanted to take the job. Each day as you leave the office you feel yourself getting more and more exhausted and full of gloom. If you’re trying to change this feeling, we may have just what you’re looking for. We have four extremely simple tips on how to leave the office happy every day. They’re more simple than you’d think, so check them out and you’ll see a complete 180 in your mood in no time!

Take Pride in How Far You’ve Come

Although it may not feel like you get a lot done on certain days, there is almost always something to cross off your to-do list. Listing out your accomplishments at the end of each day can help remind yourself that you were productive. The key to putting together this list is to recognize every possible thing you’ve done throughout the day. This can include; clearing out your inbox, tidying up your desk area, scheduling any necessary meetings, working on a project, and so much more. The second you start giving yourself more credit, you’ll begin to see an attitude change when you leave the office!

Preparation is the Key to Success

Before you decide to head out for the day, get prepped for tomorrow. By creating a plan or schedule for tomorrow, it helps you feel less scattered and more put together. Now, when we say get prepared for tomorrow, we’re not saying you have to create an elaborate Google calendar with set time slots for certain tasks. Something as simple as a list of tasks on a post-it note can put your mind at ease and into a positive atmosphere.

Clutter is Chaos

Before you leave each day, organize your space! This is the one thing you have absolute control of completing each day so a conscious effort should be made towards this. If clutter is maintained on a regular basis, this shouldn’t be too time consuming to close out your active work day. By leaving your workspace clean and neat, it’ll help you feel put together and satisfied each day.

It’s Nice to Have Things to Look Forward To

Have something to look forward to when you decide to part ways with your desk for the day. It doesn’t have to be a large, elaborate plan every night but something as simple as a good dinner, favorite TV show, or even guilty pleasure can leave you eager and excited when winding down your day. It can be thought as your reward after working hard all day.


When You Can’t Save Your Sick Days for When You’re Feeling Better

With winter and cold weather in full swing, someone at the office is bound to catch a bug. Sometimes it’s the typical sniffles and cough, whereas other times it’s the debilitating flu or something worse. With sickness comes sick days, even if you don’t always want to use them for that reason. Your company already has a written policy on sick days and how to use them, but it’s also good to be aware of the unwritten sick rules. Don’t know what unwritten rules we’re talking about? Have no fear! We listed them below to save you from any scrutiny among your return, so check them out!

Don’t Worry, Just Care and Be Prepared

If your cold symptoms are unbearable and you can hear a sick day calling your name, leave the office prepared for your absence. Send out all the emails you need to say you may not be in the office tomorrow, do a bit extra on that project to make up for lost time on your sick day, and get organized. If you have the energy to produce more prep work, put together a step-by-step of how to continue working on the project even with your absence. If you leave the office when you are top of your work, your return will be a lot less stressful.

Don’t Ever Assume, Except Now

Ultimately, if you do decide to take that sick day you prepared for, be sure to let your boss and team know your decision. If you keep them guessing and unsure of your attendance for the day, it could leave a sour taste in their mouths and change their perception on you as a worker. Therefore, a heads-up the morning of your sick day is ideal.  You could send the quick email saying you can’t make it in or call and explain over the phone why you can’t make it in. Of course, this all depends on your workplace structure and how your boss and team prefers these notices.

Get Well Soon!

Of course, the point of a sick day is to take care of yourself so you can be ready to go the following day. That being said, drink a lot of fluids, sleep a lot, and head over to the drugstore to pick up any necessary medication to help get yourself back to 100%. Unplug from any work related devices and enjoy your sick day…well, to the best of your ability to enjoy the day being sick.  You’ll be back and ready to go in no time!