Tis the season to be jolly, fa -la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. It’s December and you know what that means, the holidays are officially upon us! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, they all have something in common: gift giving. And boy, do we have a gift for you! This month we’re covering topics that would leave you saying “son of a nutcracker” without our tips. So stock up on your wrapping paper, bows, and tissue paper and see what we have just for you this month! It’s your holiday present from us so we can’t tell you, it’s a surprise!

The Scariest Moment is Always Before You Start

Picture this: you sit down to write a cover letter, blog post, or white paper and you completely blank on where start. It takes hours or days to think of what you want to do but even when you think of something, you’re not satisfied with it. It’s the dreaded creative block. It may strike at the worst time but luckily we put together some tips to help clear your blockage to allow your creative ideas to flow. So sit down, grab a candy cane, take out your note pad, and check out our tips for you!

Running Away from your Problems is a Race You’ll Never Win

When you’re in a creative slump, one of the largest obstacles is getting started. We’ll be the first to admit that when this happens, the easiest option is to run away. In order to overcome this obstacle you have to face it head-on. Just get started! Even if it’s not your cup of tea, you can always go back and edit anything you’re not fond of, or scrap it all together. Odds are that something will start flowing once you decide to stop running and start doing. The point of this is to get your ideas out of your head and on paper.

Different Doesn’t Mean Wrong

Approach your creative projects differently than you normally do. Try getting your inspiration or information from different sources. This can include different websites, magazines, or YouTube videos. You may not use any of the ideas in your final version but it could open up an immense amount of doors that you never even thought of opening before. You could surprise yourself.

Creativity is Contagious

If you’re still struggling to get the creative juices flowing, try attempting another creative activity. This can include painting, drawing, ceramics and so much more! Creativity is contagious so one activity will lead to another and boom – you have your project!

The Water Doesn’t Flow Until the Faucet is Turned On

If you don’t know where to start, write about your block. After all, writing about writer’s block is better than not writing at all. Taking out your stale thoughts and frustrations on paper can ultimately flip the switch on your mental light bulb and put you in the direction you’ve been looking for.

Every Picture has a Story to Tell

Another way to get the creative juices flowing is to take a photo walk.  It’s not as active as it sounds so don’t go grabbing your sneakers and water bottle quite yet.  The idea behind a photo walk is to look through photos; whether they’re from Google images or your very own album they have the same effect. Photos can give so much inspiration simply because they can be interpreted in so many different ways. A picture is worth a thousand words, therefore one of those words is bound to give you a head start.


Impatience Can Cause Wise People to do Foolish Things

Waiting for an anticipated response can feel like ages if it’s not immediate. If you’re impatient, ten minutes could feel like ten years or an hour could feel like two. Impatience can be harmless unless you take it too far. Do you think it’s hurting your career? We may have the answers you’ve been needing to hear.

It Takes Both Sides to Build a Bridge

Being impatient means that you have a tendency to react quickly. For example, sending an email and not receiving a response as soon as you would like…what do you do in hopes to speed up the process? Send a follow up to make sure they’re still there. Sometimes a follow-up email can be beneficial when sent within the proper window of time, but it can also look pushy and frankly, obnoxious. The individual’s reason for not responding is most likely because they are busy or it is not relevant. This is when your impatience could be taking over your relationships. People get annoyed when you constantly badger others for a response. You could be burning bridges left and right when this issue could easily be avoided. So do everyone a favor and don’t jump to conclusions, you will get a response if it’s needed.

Satisfaction Never Gets Satisfied

When you’re impatient, you begin to expect big results immediately. This is not realistic. When you’re working on growing a company, you can’t expect it to grow to the top company of the industry overnight.  After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your company. Don’t get us wrong, it’s good to have goals you want to complete in a certain time frame since it keeps you motivated.  But when it starts affecting your level of satisfaction, that’s when you know you need to make adjustments.  When you’re not satisfied, you lose motivation to keep working and improving.  Therefore, don’t rush.  It will all come together.

Mental Health is Just as Important as Physical Health

Being impatient when waiting for a response can also take a toll on your mental health. By not getting the response you have been waiting for over an extended period of time, your mind can begin to play tricks on you. You can start to assume the worst possible outcome, which increases chances for anxiety and depression. It’s easier said than done but trust us, it’s more beneficial in the long run just to wait.  To help pass the time, set your mind to other work or activities you could be doing.  Clean your desk, draw out ideas for a new project or even clear out your inbox.  The possibilities are endless.  It’s unlikely that you only have to do one thing at your desk all day when waiting for a response so put your mind to something else to help you get on top of your work!