Like many companies, Apogee Career Consultants started as an idea for a better solution. I had spent the majority of my career in the recruiting industry – I went from a Recruiter to Director of an established global Fortune 500 recruitment organization. I then went on to establish a start-up recruitment operation. During this process I learned what set apart great recruitment organizations from poor performing operations.

I knew I wanted to build something different, something better, something truly focused on great performance from a client’s perspective and great fit from a candidate’s perspective. My candidate, if placed, could have a major impact on positive performance and change the course of a client company in a very positive way. A true winning partnership for the client, candidate, and the recruitment firm.

In 2010 Apogee Career Consultants opened in North Carolina. As the candidates were placed and clients were pleased, “I” shifted to “We”. The team developed and grew and we began opening franchises across the United States. Today we have a national network of corporate and franchise offices with specializations within multiple industries that range from Healthcare, and Technology, to Legal and Finance. All performance focused, but people driven.

A company name is like the name of a person, the name does not define their actions, but a memorable name tends to stick out more. Apogee Career Consultants was a perfect name for us to start with. Apogee translates to “the highest point” and that resonated with me. Seven years after the start of Apogee, we are ready to re-brand and redefine our journey. Today, I am excited to announce that we have re-branded to HireFlux.

On the surface, our colors have altered, our name is a little different, and our website has a fresh look. Deep down, our roots are as strong as ever as we continue to expand our team, locations, and services fulfilling our overall mission to source the very best talent for our clients.

I hope you join us on the next chapter of our journey. We are excited to have you along.

-Johnny C. Hill | CEO